Guangming Daily devotes full page to Prof. Wu Daguang’s article on talent cultivation

Posted: 2018-06-24   Visits: 1160


On June 19, Guangming Daily  published in its 13th section (the section on thoughts about education) a full-page theoretical article entitled “A university must go its own way to foster talent”. The author of this article Prof. Wu Daguang currently serves as vice president of Xiamen University and director of the Center for Collaborative Innovation in the Construction of Higher Education Quality.


The article unfolds its in-depth analysis and discussion in three parts, i.e., “University talent training has become the shortest stave in the barrel”, “Reflect on China’s university talent training modes” and “Blaze a new trail that suits the university itself and influences the world at the same time”. The author argues that “China’s higher education has to carve out a path of its own and a path of global influence against the backdrop of the unstoppable trend of globalization and China’s rise as a global power. The key to achieving this goal is that universities should have their own thoughts concerning education and a modern educational system best suited to their own conditions. Among other things, the first and foremost priority for the universities of China is to overcome the historical inertia of talent cultivation. To cut it short, universities must hold on to talent cultivation as their fundamental mission.


In the meantime, the editorial notes point out that  the author’s reflection on the current talent training modes of China offers inspirations and insights into the ‘deep-water region’ of higher education reform and sheds light on the fact that the development of the talent training system must revolve around the fundamental questions of what type of personnel we should foster and how to best do it. To this end, we could learn from the valuable experience of foreign countries, but we must make sure that our roots are deeply entrenched in China.


Edited by Luo Shuang